Read Between The Lines

Detective stories and a lot of mind boggling cases that arouses our curiosity are getting such hype. Perhaps is it something we can prove that we are most likely to be skeptic than gullible?
Election is coming and campaigns are definitely all over the place. Can the politicians be more creative with their approach, aside from singing and dancing during their campaign sorties? I might even suggest a Facebook app just to spare them for that, in the tune of Gangnam Style by Psy.
I really believe that Filipinos are smarter these days, are we still voting for namesake or stage performance? Just recently we’ve been witnessing spatting in the senate, not to mention the obvious, but when we become more enlightened on various perks or should we say budgeted allocation for public service, it only shakes up the government and a clear hint for us to do wiser actions this May 2013.
So I decided that as days passes by, I will blog more tips or issues that are necessary to be addressed by our aspiring applicants both from local and national government offices – both executive and legislative. I have started already with that with  Teacher Asking PH Politicians to Review.
Let us define their roles and opinions on the following:


  1. China and on disputed islands of the Philippines. Can we sustain a healthy relationship with them without losing our national pride?
  2. Education and its technology enhancement for its programs. Should the government align the course offerings of universities based on the job availability or demands?
  3. Environment protection such as the recent Tubataha reef crash?
There are certainly a lot more issues to raise, and these topics should be an impromptu challenges during their public engagements.
With their elaborate speeches, we have to understand or even investigate what have been their roles or at least opinions on these. I know we love entertainment, this could be the biggest chances to have free shows more often in our areas or barangays but let us not forget their serious tasks. I really don’t care if they were popularized by Asiong Salonga or Dirty Harry, I prefer the real profile and even if it would be just their legitimate Facebook account – I want to know their real interests, likes and networks. Just imagine if they have nothing to hide and all we could just do is either for us to accept their “Friend Request” or reject it.
So what have you been reading lately about your candidates?
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