I am Jeff and a very enthusiastic digital professional. I have started working with brands for 15 years at a very young age, so don’t do math count after 20 😉

From the various industries that I have been involved with, my digital efforts are the results of keen observation of customers and with sound business analysis as strengthened by my education foundation and training (with earned units of MBA and as a Certified Digital Marketer by IMMAP, recognized by both Yahoo! and Google)). I use my blog to cater to my niche audience with high rate of conversion and engagement. This is also an additional feature for the brands/companies that I accommodate and which I maintain healthy working relationships- yup they’re lucky, right?!

I was teaching major business courses in Centro Escolar University- Makati for four (4) years that includes research and marketing for HRM, Tourism, and Marketing Management. I also have been invited as speaker in various premiere academic institutions both undergraduate and post graduate classes to handle digital marketing. My 15 years of marketing experience, includes five (5) years focus in digital marketing and advertising in InterContinental Hotels Group, Inc as an SEO specialist; then I joined Avon Cosmetics, Inc. as Digital Activation Specialist. I am a consultant to various brands like Freshaire Salon, SM Supermalls, and more. I also support various NGOs with varying advocacy since I wanted to extend my expertise, most of all it’s pro bono. I love challenges especially dealing with non-techie brands or those who starts with digital marketing. People sometimes ask me why? I love hyping the efforts of SMEs, and most of all I simply believe that a good marketing man SHOULD NOT depend on brand’s image since we either create or build one for them.

I am indeed thankful of various recognition and commendations I have been receiving since I have started this blog in September 16, 2011 (it’s my mom’s brithday), this was initially penned as The Teacher Is Blogging (TIB) and now rebranded to my online profile as Liberatingjepoy.

Let me give you some highlights of my blog and how I use my influence online:

  • Since 2011, I have been using my blog for calamity relief-operations in CEU and various NGOs.
  • Since 2011, I have documented breakthrough academic and non-academic projects of my students and other seminar invites
  • In 2011, I have documented my support as an officer of The Love Yourself, recipient of the Top Advocacy of the Philippines by Meg Magazine in 2012.
  • In November 2012, I initiated my own digital marketing workshop.
  • As of January 2013, I was included in the Top Bloggers of GoNegosyo for Advocacy.
  • As of June 2013, I am now part of the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation’s Greatness of Spirit (GOS) Ambassadors
  • and there are more things to expect as I blog more worthy causes that only provides a better source of information online!

I am very much willing to collaborate with anyone, and I do accept invitations either as a blogger or as a speaker. Send your invites to or leave a message in my Official Facebook Fanpage – LiberatingJepoy.

Aside from blogging, I can pretty much extend more rational and economical digital strategy for you and your brands.

So if you want your digital marketing strategy or blogging purposes to be handled by a pro, and supported by strong communities both online & offline, contact me now!

Thank you and have a great day!

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