DON’T says “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”

Much to everyone’s excitement as Friday early morning, #1ForFun was released as a teaser for our new Tourism slogan. A couple of months ago, the same pursuit was unlikely remembered with scrutiny due to lack of creativity and more.

Today it seemed that the Department of Tourism is haunted of plagiarizing so-called 1951’s slogan It’s More Fun in Switzerland. Some say that it’s better off with “Wow Philippines”, but is “Wow” originally for the Philippines? How about “Amazing Thailand”, “Malaysia Truly Asia”, and much more – are these originally theirs to claim? We should not question originality just because it was used decades ago, in creating slogans it’s not just the choice of words – it’s the meaning, that as a brand, you would want to convey to your customers. “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”, can we claim it?
Admittedly, the slogan is kinda lengthy but it eventually sinks in. Is it better than “Wow Philippines”? Well comparing words such as better, best, more, most are enticing statements often used in ads that definitely provides higher stimulus for response (i.e. more value, bigger cut, biggest loser, most liked, etc.). Making slogans is actually tough since claiming a word or phrase in the mind of the customers should be very clear. This is why along with the slogan are various visual campaigns that could improve the message.
It is said that #1ForFun is for a local campaign, to be used especially on online media, whereas #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines is for international release and will be given more budget since it should drive more tourist visit.
Let’s all give it a chance, whatever we may call our country, the rich culture, and traditions, the mesmerizing tropical locations, the hospitable and accommodating Filipino traits and more are the real message to boost tourism. 
Share your stories online and use these #hashtags or slogans, with our combined effort – let’s help our country. (So is it clear now why the local slogan is important?!)
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