Freshaire Salon’s #BeautyRefresh is a Crowning Glory Experience

Loving Yourself is truly an important adage and from here we push ourselves in various experience that could make our lives better, stronger and indeed happier.
For the couple of weeks I have gathered interesting folks to get a make-over, yup I got a ton of requests but I have to really get a good glimpse why they deserve a #BeautyRefresh experience.
Here are the following stories:
Anna Ensano is a fellow faculty from Centro Escolar University who handles Math subject (I usually nosebleed on this), earned her Masters and now completing her PhD. We hang-out often (but never to discuss math lol) since she’s one of the cool professors who I share common interests like fashion, coffee, movies and more. Born as Bicolana ala Venus Raj, so she loves much of “kikay” stuff. She also wears a lot of hats aside from being a math wizard, well she handled Math Club and still maintains her passion in dancing such as in cheer dance, ballet, and modern dance. Cool is more than enough to describe her, aside from her multi-faceted functions as earlier mentioned, Anna is one of the amazing professors that students love. Teaching a tough subject well that’s already a good reason why she deserves a #BeautyRefresh but more than that, I have deep respect in her profession as it is indeed noble (just imagine how she checks a lot of her students’ papers…a lot of numbers enough to keep me on bed rest).
Then I got these two youngsters with me – Xandee and Journey, who I share the same advocacy of empowering oneself. They’re both accredited counselors who also uses social media to help more people to continually love themselves. They both have KPOP features which intrigued me to set a challenge with my team from Freshaire. I know a lot of commercial-driven salons taking a hype on more modern look and they charge exorbitantly! Both of these two youngsters are just like any austere folks out there who saves up from their allowances or budget just to get a haircut, but is it really necessary? I mean getting a new hairstyle should always be a fun experience, so why wait!
My last friend to invite is a diva. Well she’s the mother of all bloggers, yup before we could even think of fashion bloggers well she popularized the word “blogger” in the country. Oooh, I’m so blessed to have her support, it’s like I got a diva blessing in whatever I do in digital. Think of Mariah Carey scene throwing sparkles on me, that’s how I envision it. I always see Janette Toral aka DigitalFilipino in a very modest attire, well she shared that she’s more confident on how she looks and is more concerned of health. I understand her, but there’s still a part of me who looks up to an icon and imagines that she could still look more awesome.
Every person I bring in Freshaire always get to experience a great time, plus surprised of their amazingly affordable packages. C’mon when was the last time you availed a haircut that starts at P140.00? Nope it’s not just in the province where you can expect just a few styling kits, with Freshaire they got a sterling 23 years of quality and affordable services, that’s beyond what others can do.
Rebond, digital perm, hair straightening, foot and hand spa, and their efficient manicure and pedicure (plus more!), I get to experience all of them with a great smile on my face…always perfect for a selfie! I asked random customers in every visit that I do and most of them are loyal patrons from Freshaire’s wide array of pampering services. Avail their discount card, and get more insanely awesome perks.
Freshaire Salon is one of the ideal Filipino companies that have generated competitive livelihood or income to a lot of hairstylists in the country. The curious-me always asks the stylists of how long have they’ve been part of the company and I often get a response of “more than a decade!” wow so even if I have ingrown I am assured that I’ll be ok. This is important since I believe that happy people are always great in giving services, so that’s one obvious reason why this fabulous brand has been able to withstand the competition. No more loud ads, or invasive propagandas, just astonishing credibility!
The salons all over the country are getting a new look with their new logo and interiors – white and purple, black leather sofas, and top of the class hair salon facilities. Most of all, awesome staff and management as I get lengthy chats with all of them.
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