Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pinoy Indie Movies: Learning from Zombadings & Ang Babae sa Septic Tank

"Zombadings: Patayin sa Shokot si Remington" & "Ang Babae sa Septic Tank" are two notable independent Filipino movies that were released this year. Hollywood movies such as the final installment of Harry Potter, sequel of Transformers, and more iconic Marvel superheroes, we might have assumed that no local movie could even stand a chance to have a bout with them. But it's not about competing with them, because our facilities and financial restraints would definitely incapable. It's not by choice whether to watch foreign or local movies, but it would be either to watch both or not. If you'll observe, movie screenings are shown within a span of seven (7) days. If the movie would appeal to the market, then extension of screening or adding more cinemas offering the movie would be strategic.

I am no director of movies to actually state what goes beyond the creative mind, admittedly art has to accept reality- will it create profits? If you could recall a movie which was critically acclaimed abroad was poorly received by moviegoers, thus resulted a financial woe to a former leading educational plan. Art should not just sensationalize its message, it needs to be clearly interpreted in order to be appreciated, thus creates mass appeal - MONEY.  Allow me to present the following components:

Mart Escudero for TLYP Movies for a Cause
  1. Venue or Screening Schedule - Both are successful entries during the Cinemalaya. It was during the opening of classes which is July. It is really suggested that as independent film maker, entering a competition is a good opportunity to expose your art. Well there were other movies that goes with them, however, they showed more ingredients for success as to be continued below.
  2. Casting - we can agree that Ms. Eugene Domingo is today's Movie Diva! If you'll collect all her movies in a year, you could observe that she has been very consistent in performing well in the box office. Her numerous endorsements are also a good sign of raising her star value. Plus, she still has to depend on certain charisma of other characters in the movie. Zombadings, even she has few scenes still allowed her to have that moment of stardom. It paved the way to recognize Mart Escudero's acting prowess and dedication to his craft. While Septic tank built her confidence as premiere actress as suported by both JM De Guzman and Kean Cipriano. Some characters were forgettable but her presence is indeed a touch of gold.
  3. Promotions from communities or organizations - with social media, words of mouth is so efficient and effective. Both movies have accommodated exclusive or advanced screenings that allowed them to tap the interests of showbiz moguls, and then to capitalize on their humble ventures.
  4.  Story and execution. These are very technical and probably subjective, but admittedly after getting the three components stated above, everything is summed up as the moviegoers experience the movie itself. 
We have many brilliant movie writers, directors, actors/actresses, and production team but during these economic downtrend, making a good customer experience as a result of purchasing our brands/products is a must. You could create the most wonderful ads or PR but the summary should be compelling enough to inspire and share the experience to others. This is one point why Facebook, twitter, Google + are for, for us to share or recommend to our friends and followers.

My advise to independent producers, create a mainstream interest, something that will be good and comfortable for others to share. 
Jacob Miller in black sleeveless shirt (2nd from the right) for Bola. Coming soon!

Admittedly, I'm not a frequent indie moviegoer. I'm looking for a connection or relevance, plus my comfortable access and intent to share. Recently, I've been meeting movie producers and they've been really nice. I personally have met Raymond Lee of Zombadings as it was part of The Love Yourself Project movies for a cause, along with "Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa". Another is Robert Jose Yap who is now showcasing new talents like Ligaya Bustamante, Jacob Miller, and Kenneth Paul Salva with Arnel Ignacio for Bola.  (I'll write about it soon)


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