Valuable Tips On Buying Gift Cards Online

gift-card-tips-before-buyBuying gift cards on Christmas holidays or any special occasions can be so tempting. These are actually the best times for buying gift cards since they come with many discounts. With the advanced technology, everybody is doing their purchases online. Even though there are so many scam websites online who claim to sell gift cards but in the end will end up raping you of your hard earned money, all hope is not lost since you can still buy convenient and reliable gift cards online. Consider the following tips if you want to buy a gift card online.

Beware of scams

There are many scammers online who will sell you expired gift cards, stolen or counterfeit. Buy your gift cards from reliable sources to avoid such mistakes. Examine the reputation of the seller and get testimonials and reviews from people who have worked with them. Be very carefully not to buy from frauds and waste your hard earned money.

Watch out for additional fees

It is very easy to get ripped off when you buy a gift card online. Some retailers charge hidden fees that you might not be aware of when buying with them. Watch out for websites terms and conditions, handling fees and shipping fees. Confirm if any fees will be deducted from the gift card. If you cannot manage to pay the fees then look out for a better seller.

Check discounts

Earning money is not easy and many people would like to spend the least of what they have. Many gift card sellers offer various discount prices during different times of the year especially holidays. You don’t want to miss out such incredible offers so you should always be on the lookout for discounts.

Check reliable websites

Some small companies selling gift cards can close up business before you are able to use it. Checkout if a company has filled for bankruptcy before buying their gift cards since when they close you might not be able to redeem your gift card or your card may end up being less worth than its value. Buy from trustworthy websites.

Check for expiry dates

Before buying anything whether online or offline it is very important to checkout for the expiry dates. Most gift cards expire after 5 years and it’s beneficial to ensure your gift card will serve you better before the expiry dates. Some online frauds sell expired gift cards to people and if you are not careful you can fall a victim of such.

Check out for any damage

Inspect your gift cards thoroughly before you buy. Verify that all the protective stickers are in place and ensure the gift cards have no scratches that can reveal the pin. Don’t buy a damaged card as it may have been used already or obtained illegally.

Get a digital card

With this age of technology, almost everything is done online these days. You don’t want to be the only one still using the old methods of shopping. Get a digital gift card which you will use to shop online easily and conveniently. This will also save you the shipping charges. Unlike physical cards which are mailed and take several days before they reach, digital cards taker a shorter time maybe just a couple of hours.

Use reward points

Using reward points instead of real money saves you a lot of money. There are several things you can buy online using reward points and gift cards are one of them. So why use real money if you have reward points that you can use?

Buy a card you’re going to use soon

Forgetting that you have a gift card in the house or misplacing your cards is very easy. So to ensure you avoid such problems, buy cards that you’re going to use in the next few days or weeks. Don’t sit on your card for several months since you used your valuable money to buy it.

Check protection policies

Your gift card details must be well protected. Some sellers might sell you the gift cards then use your pin to buy goods online. Ensure your security details are well protected before settling for a certain online retailer. Every website has its own protection policies so do not assume they are the same.

If you keep the above tips in mind before buying any gift cards online you are sure you will never go wrong. So read carefully and get the best experience.

DON’T says “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”

Much to everyone’s excitement as Friday early morning, #1ForFun was released as a teaser for our new Tourism slogan. A couple of months ago, the same pursuit was unlikely remembered with scrutiny due to lack of creativity and more.

Today it seemed that the Department of Tourism is haunted of plagiarizing so-called 1951’s slogan It’s More Fun in Switzerland. Some say that it’s better off with “Wow Philippines”, but is “Wow” originally for the Philippines? How about “Amazing Thailand”, “Malaysia Truly Asia”, and much more – are these originally theirs to claim? We should not question originality just because it was used decades ago, in creating slogans it’s not just the choice of words – it’s the meaning, that as a brand, you would want to convey to your customers. “It’s More Fun In The Philippines”, can we claim it?
Admittedly, the slogan is kinda lengthy but it eventually sinks in. Is it better than “Wow Philippines”? Well comparing words such as better, best, more, most are enticing statements often used in ads that definitely provides higher stimulus for response (i.e. more value, bigger cut, biggest loser, most liked, etc.). Making slogans is actually tough since claiming a word or phrase in the mind of the customers should be very clear. This is why along with the slogan are various visual campaigns that could improve the message.
It is said that #1ForFun is for a local campaign, to be used especially on online media, whereas #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines is for international release and will be given more budget since it should drive more tourist visit.
Let’s all give it a chance, whatever we may call our country, the rich culture, and traditions, the mesmerizing tropical locations, the hospitable and accommodating Filipino traits and more are the real message to boost tourism. 
Share your stories online and use these #hashtags or slogans, with our combined effort – let’s help our country. (So is it clear now why the local slogan is important?!)

Read Between The Lines

Detective stories and a lot of mind boggling cases that arouses our curiosity are getting such hype. Perhaps is it something we can prove that we are most likely to be skeptic than gullible?
Election is coming and campaigns are definitely all over the place. Can the politicians be more creative with their approach, aside from singing and dancing during their campaign sorties? I might even suggest a Facebook app just to spare them for that, in the tune of Gangnam Style by Psy.
I really believe that Filipinos are smarter these days, are we still voting for namesake or stage performance? Just recently we’ve been witnessing spatting in the senate, not to mention the obvious, but when we become more enlightened on various perks or should we say budgeted allocation for public service, it only shakes up the government and a clear hint for us to do wiser actions this May 2013.
So I decided that as days passes by, I will blog more tips or issues that are necessary to be addressed by our aspiring applicants both from local and national government offices – both executive and legislative. I have started already with that with  Teacher Asking PH Politicians to Review.
Let us define their roles and opinions on the following:


  1. China and on disputed islands of the Philippines. Can we sustain a healthy relationship with them without losing our national pride?
  2. Education and its technology enhancement for its programs. Should the government align the course offerings of universities based on the job availability or demands?
  3. Environment protection such as the recent Tubataha reef crash?
There are certainly a lot more issues to raise, and these topics should be an impromptu challenges during their public engagements.
With their elaborate speeches, we have to understand or even investigate what have been their roles or at least opinions on these. I know we love entertainment, this could be the biggest chances to have free shows more often in our areas or barangays but let us not forget their serious tasks. I really don’t care if they were popularized by Asiong Salonga or Dirty Harry, I prefer the real profile and even if it would be just their legitimate Facebook account – I want to know their real interests, likes and networks. Just imagine if they have nothing to hide and all we could just do is either for us to accept their “Friend Request” or reject it.
So what have you been reading lately about your candidates?

Tips To Help You Become A Better Blogger

Many aspects of online technology can be very intimidating to newcomers, but blogging does not need to be one of them. Everyone can benefit from learning how to effectively inform and entertain visitors that come to their website, through the art of blogging. Take some tips from this article to make your blogs come alive and have the desired effect on readers. Make sure that you are accepting and submitting valuable comments. You want to have as many ways as possible for a back link to happen. When you do comment, add your URL so that you will have a link created to your blog. This will make it easy for others to find you. If you are an internet marketer, use your blog to build your email list. While posting direct advertising posts in the blog will probably turn off readers who come to your blog for information, putting an email sign-up box on your blog’s sidebar, gives readers an unobtrusive way to receive marketing information from you should they like your blog. Design your blog to keep not just the reader’s interest but also your interest. If you grow bored with what you are writing about, you won’t be likely to keep blogging. Even if you do, the quality of your writing will suffer. Your readers will be able to tell that your writing has lost some of its punch. Commenting on other blogs is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your blog. If you read an interesting article, write a compelling comment that offers a unique perspective. Include a link to your blog. The people who read your comment will likely want to read more of what you have to say, and will visit your blog. Have your blog feel friendly and warm to visitors. Reply to comments that people leave, and this means more than just thanking them, try to have real conversations. If you can develop a relationship with your readers, they will tend to be more loyal to you, and keep coming back. There are several ways to highlight interesting content on your blog. You can show a list of upcoming posts to pique readers’ interest. Another good topic is a list of most popular posts. These are posts that many readers will be interested in. You can also try most commented posts. Many people enjoy reading comments to blog posts. All these ideas will get your readers interested in more than just your current posts. Make your blog appear reliable and informative by keeping yourself informed of new ideas and information at all times. You need to create a good reputation and that means it is imperative that you know what you are blogging about. By keeping current on news and educated on your topic, you will be forming a reputation people will know they can trust. Blogging is a great way to promote a product or web site, if you encourage comments and discussion, that is. Blogs are informal and easy to set up, which means you can add as many posts as you want to describe your product and even ask your readers for valuable feedback. So, if you are selling a product in a brick and mortar store or on a web site, you should set up blog to take advantage of the marketing opportunities that it creates. So you now see that blogging can be an enjoyable way to communicate online, without the typical formality that exists when conducting business. When your site visitors are relaxed and well informed, they will be more likely to trust you and invest in your products or services. Take the insights gained here and put them to work in your own blogging efforts.

Freshaire Salon’s #BeautyRefresh is a Crowning Glory Experience

Loving Yourself is truly an important adage and from here we push ourselves in various experience that could make our lives better, stronger and indeed happier.
For the couple of weeks I have gathered interesting folks to get a make-over, yup I got a ton of requests but I have to really get a good glimpse why they deserve a #BeautyRefresh experience.
Here are the following stories:
Anna Ensano is a fellow faculty from Centro Escolar University who handles Math subject (I usually nosebleed on this), earned her Masters and now completing her PhD. We hang-out often (but never to discuss math lol) since she’s one of the cool professors who I share common interests like fashion, coffee, movies and more. Born as Bicolana ala Venus Raj, so she loves much of “kikay” stuff. She also wears a lot of hats aside from being a math wizard, well she handled Math Club and still maintains her passion in dancing such as in cheer dance, ballet, and modern dance. Cool is more than enough to describe her, aside from her multi-faceted functions as earlier mentioned, Anna is one of the amazing professors that students love. Teaching a tough subject well that’s already a good reason why she deserves a #BeautyRefresh but more than that, I have deep respect in her profession as it is indeed noble (just imagine how she checks a lot of her students’ papers…a lot of numbers enough to keep me on bed rest).
Then I got these two youngsters with me – Xandee and Journey, who I share the same advocacy of empowering oneself. They’re both accredited counselors who also uses social media to help more people to continually love themselves. They both have KPOP features which intrigued me to set a challenge with my team from Freshaire. I know a lot of commercial-driven salons taking a hype on more modern look and they charge exorbitantly! Both of these two youngsters are just like any austere folks out there who saves up from their allowances or budget just to get a haircut, but is it really necessary? I mean getting a new hairstyle should always be a fun experience, so why wait!
My last friend to invite is a diva. Well she’s the mother of all bloggers, yup before we could even think of fashion bloggers well she popularized the word “blogger” in the country. Oooh, I’m so blessed to have her support, it’s like I got a diva blessing in whatever I do in digital. Think of Mariah Carey scene throwing sparkles on me, that’s how I envision it. I always see Janette Toral aka DigitalFilipino in a very modest attire, well she shared that she’s more confident on how she looks and is more concerned of health. I understand her, but there’s still a part of me who looks up to an icon and imagines that she could still look more awesome.
Every person I bring in Freshaire always get to experience a great time, plus surprised of their amazingly affordable packages. C’mon when was the last time you availed a haircut that starts at P140.00? Nope it’s not just in the province where you can expect just a few styling kits, with Freshaire they got a sterling 23 years of quality and affordable services, that’s beyond what others can do.
Rebond, digital perm, hair straightening, foot and hand spa, and their efficient manicure and pedicure (plus more!), I get to experience all of them with a great smile on my face…always perfect for a selfie! I asked random customers in every visit that I do and most of them are loyal patrons from Freshaire’s wide array of pampering services. Avail their discount card, and get more insanely awesome perks.
Freshaire Salon is one of the ideal Filipino companies that have generated competitive livelihood or income to a lot of hairstylists in the country. The curious-me always asks the stylists of how long have they’ve been part of the company and I often get a response of “more than a decade!” wow so even if I have ingrown I am assured that I’ll be ok. This is important since I believe that happy people are always great in giving services, so that’s one obvious reason why this fabulous brand has been able to withstand the competition. No more loud ads, or invasive propagandas, just astonishing credibility!
The salons all over the country are getting a new look with their new logo and interiors – white and purple, black leather sofas, and top of the class hair salon facilities. Most of all, awesome staff and management as I get lengthy chats with all of them.

7 Comparative Facts Between Lorenzo Ruiz and Our OFWs

There are 7 Continents and 7 Oceans on the globe. There are 7 Colors in the rainbow and 7 Notes on the musical scale. There is a pattern of 7 Stars which are guiding stars (The Big Dipper) and there are 7 Objects in the solar system that are visible to the naked eye. There are 7 Metals of antiquity upon which civilisation is based, and 7 Levels in the periodic table of elements.

There are many more 7′s in the universe and the world around us if we look hard enough. Interestingly when we look at the Bible we see that the number 7 is God’s divine number. It signifies perfection and completeness in God’s eyes.

So let me use 7 to give interesting notes both religious and factual about this blog post.

People might ask so why compare the Saint Lorenzo Ruiz to OFW, so here are the points:

  • Lorenzo Ruiz was raised in a conventional Filipino lifestyle, brought up by conservative Filipino-Chinese family and coming from a social status considered to be Indio or slave during the Spanish colonization. Amid this situation, he continued serving the Catholic Church. He left for Okinawa, Japan on June 10, 1636 in order avoid issues or a probable case where he was accused of killing a Spaniard. Our OFWs also goes for escape or probably of hoping a better lifestyle for their families by working abroad. The scarcity of opportunities, the political scandals, the apathy from other members of the society convinced them to seek better chances abroad. The aggregate from data of the CFO, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) reveals that Japan in the Top 10 OFW destinations.


  • On 27 September 1637, Ruiz and his companions were taken to the Nishizaka Hill, where they were tortured by being hung upside down a pit, a punishment since Christianity was prohibited during that time. For OFWs, according to an article of Inquirer dated July 9, Filipinos are the largest number of foreign nationals detained in Japan for violations of its immigration laws, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). The Japanese Catholic Bishops Conference said that as of August 2013, there are still around 5,000 undocumented OFWs staying in Japan, with over 100 of them detained in immigration centers.
  • Lorenzo has strong faith with God.

“Isa akong Katoliko at buong-pusong tinatanggap ang kamatayan para sa Panginoon. Kung ako man ay may isanlibong buhay, lahat ng iyon ay iaalay ko sa Kanya.”
According to Latin missionary accounts sent back to Manila, Ruiz declared these words upon his death:
In English this may be rendered:
“I am a Catholic and wholeheartedly do accept death for the Lord; If I had a thousand lives, all these I shall offer to Him.”

Our OFWs, wherever they go maintains the same devotion, though at times might be still challenged but to regularly rekindle their faith remains notable.
  • Lorenzo was accused of committing a crime that even up to now is not yet clear. Our OFWs may have an idea of their struggles here in our country but still clueless why their plight has never been better.
  • Lorenzo offended the Spaniards that’s why he sought refuge abroad, our OFWs have offended no one but only the idea that they have to provide means for their families to survive and give them decent lifestyle.
  • Lorenzo was a Martyr, a Saint while our OFWs are considered our today’s hero as credited by providing us remittances that are undeniably helpful in boosting our economy.
  • Lastly, both lives of St. Lorenzo Ruiz and OFWs are very inspiring, worth to be told many times even in various forms like Theater.
The following is the official synopsis:
LORENZO is a contemporary opera about a condemned Filipino awaiting execution in the Middle East for having murdered his employer.
A reporter from Manila is sent there to cover the case. She finds him in prison planning out a theater production based on the life of the first Filipino saint, San Lorenzo Ruiz. The condemned Pinoy, who had once been active in theater groups in Manila, is writing this play to to thank the saint for giving his life a 180-degree turn.
The musical-opera narrates the strange events in the life of Lorenzo Ruiz, a parish assistant in the Church of Binondo. He becomes a fugitive from the law after having killed a Spaniard. The parish priest helps him escape and accidentally joins a group of merchants en route to Japan. But, Lorenzo is pursued by ill fortune. He realizes that he is among a group of missionaries disguised as merchants, who are hoping to enter Okinawa clandestinely. The opera focuses on the physical odyssey to escape the law.
The trip deepens into an inner journey of two Pinoys, one from history, another a contemporary living the life of a vagabond OFW, overcoming mental anguish and spiritual turmoil, as they both help each other question the nature of fate, one’s faith, and the real meaning of love.
The opera is an intense and provocative examination of today’s issue on exile and its myriad consequences, and the deeper questions of what it really takes to BE A FILIPINO.